8aArt In Motion is a small, in home, hobby cattery located in
Tidewater, Virginia, USA. 

Our cattery and kittens are registered with CFA and TICA. 

Our first year breeding we were recognized as a 
2010 CFA Cattery of Excellence as well as a 2010 TICA Outstanding Cattery

We upheld our high standards of care and once again achieved
2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 CFA Cattery of Excellence as well as a 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 TICA Outstanding Cattery.

We are thrilled to announce this year our cattery has again been recognized as a 
2016 CFA Cattery of Excellence 2016 TICA Outstanding Cattery.

Our adults are DNA tested PKD negative cats.

Our pedigrees include; Polcann, Wishstar, DayOh, PurrSay, Cattilak, Chrishanna, CatJoy, PartiWai, Char-O, RubyRose, Bolo, TNT, Cat-A-Poltz, Deebows, ByHisHands, PurfectGift, SunSoar, Floricats, Ossy Ranch, Mt Hood, Sejumay, SteepleChase, CountryGal, DreamQuete, and many more. 
We would like to express our appreciation to these catteries, our program would not be possible without their years of hard work, knowledge, and dedication.

As for colors, we are smitten with patched tabbies, torties, red and brown tabbies with white.  The more white the lovelier, but in bicolor persians, the "paint brush" seems to have its own agenda.  The brush strokes fall where they please, making each kitten a unique work of art.... in motion!


 At this time all fall kittens have been placed. 

We have one winter litter and an adult that will be ready to go home after the Holidays.


Please enjoy your time here at our website.

Feel free to contact us at:
Emails are answered as soon as possible during the
work week - we're busy showing on the weekends!  :)

Website updated on 11/27/17.

CFA Cattery of Excellence - January 5, 2016 through January 5, 2017


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