Past Kittens

This page is for our past kittens - already placed in their forever homes!  
These pictures are to provide you an idea of the type of kittens we produce and how they develop.  

.....also a little brag page for their new owners!  :-)
(Please send us updated pictures of your little rascal!)

QGC, RW, CH Floricats Starman X  Purfect Gift Leah
March 30, 2011
"E" Litter

ArtInMotion Elizabeth Swan 
~ Red Tabby & White (BiColour) Exotic Female ~ 
Congrats to the Fugate Family
(placed as an adult) 

Fairifurr BigEyesGarfield   X   ArtInMotion On Fire
August 20, 2015
"F" Litter

ArtInMotion Fleur DeLaCour
~ Red Tabby & White (BiColour) Exotic Female ~ 
Congrats to the Thoms Family

ArtInMotion Frodo Baggins
                       ArtInMotion Felix Felicis
~ Brown Tabby Exotic Male ~                        ~ Black Exotic Male ~         
Congrats to the LaFata Family                 Congrats to the Rouch Family


Caleb-Cats Blue Ridge Mountain x Ch ArtInMotion All About That Bass 
June 13, 2015 
"E" Litter 
ArtInMotion Elsa   
~ Tortie Dollface Female ~
 Congrats to the Kulokas Family


Fairifurr Big Eyes x Ch ArtInMotion If You Dare 
May 22, 2015 
"D" Litter
ArtInMotion Dewey                                       ArtInMotion Daisy 
~Red Tabby & White Bicolor Male~             ~Red Tabby & White Bicolor Female~
Congrats to the Alloway Family                   Congrats to the Macomber Family

Fairifurr Big Eyes x Ch ArtInMotion Moves Like Jagger 
May 16, 2015 
"C" Litter

       ArtInMotion Curious George 
                         ArtInMotion CatInTheHat  
~Brown Tabby Male Exotic Shorthair Male~          ~Patched/Tortie Tabby Female~

         Congrats to the Dickerson Family
                           Congrats to the Alexander Family 

  ArtInMotion BarneyRubbleTrouble
 Congratulations to the Harper Family ~ 

                   ArtInMotion Bagheera                                      ArtInMotion Betty Boop
 Congratulations to the LaFata Family ~               Congratulations to the LaFata Family ~ 

                              ArtInMotion Abby Cadabby                               ArtInMotion ZipADeeDoDah
        Congratulations to the Tan Family ~
                 Congratulations to the Hawn Family ~
                                  ArtInMotion Zzzz's                                              ArtInMotion Zip It
 ~ Congratulations *again* to the Early Family ~               
Congratulations to the Sun Family ~
          ArtInMotion Zoom Zoom                                                ArtInMotion Yada Yada
  Congratulations to the Dickerson Family ~                ~Congrats to the Harris family of NJ ~
                     ArtInMotion XX                                                       Art In Motion Xtra Special  
 ~ Congrats to the Spears Family of VA ~                           ~Congrats to the Stallings Family ~

                    Art In Motion Xena                                     Art In Motion Bring It On
    ~  Congrats to the Lee family of NC!  ~
                 ~  Congrats to the  Lee family of NC!  ~ 
                                                                    ("Itty" is mother to The Bees Knees.)

            ArtInMotion Who's That Girl                                    ArtInMotion WhatchaMaJigger 
~ Congrats to the Ekkizogloy  Family of VA ~                 ~ Congrats to the Juarez Family of VA ~


                 ArtInMotion Vis A Vis                                             ArtInMotion Verry Merry
 ~ Congrats to the Sheets Family of VA ~                      ~ Congrats to the J. Danek Family of VA ~


         ArtInMotion Thee Bees Knees                                      ArtInMotion Unbelievable
~Congrats to the C. Danek Family of VA ~                      ~ Congrats to the Hester Family of VA ~ 

                ArtInMotion Virtual Reality                                    ArtInMotion Unbreakable
~ Congrats to the Bush Family of PA~                        ~ Congrats to the Hale Family of WVA ~

                 ArtInMotion Playing With Fire                                    ArtInMotion Right On
~ Congrats to the O'Brien Family of Northern VA ~      ~ Congrats to the Casey Family of VA ~

        ArtInMotion Topsey Turvey                                     ArtInMotion Ready Or Not
~ Congrats to the Casey Family of VA ~                         ~ Congrats to the Barkley Family of VA ~

                       ArtInMotion Party On                                                 ArtInMotion Q T Pi
        ~ Congrats to the Danek Family of VA~        ~ Congrats to the Swartz Family of Northern VA~

              ArtInMotion Queen Bee                                              ArtInMotion One Hot Minute
~ Congrats to the Pain Family of Northern VA ~                  ~ Congrats to the Hu Family of NJ~

            ArtInMotion Pour Me Another                                        ArtInMotion Lady M  
~ Congrats to the Pain Family of Northern VA ~        ~Congrats to the Limoges Family of Virginia~

            ArtInMotion Quite Something                                    ArtInMotion Out Of Sight
~ Congrats to the Restina Family of Northern VA~    ~ Congrats to the the LaFata Family of NY ~

            ArtInMotion Sassy Pants                                        ArtInMotion Ooh Baby
~ Congrats to the Casey Family of VA ~    ~ Congrats again to the Bloom Family of Pennsylvania ~

        ArtInMotion O M G                                        ArtInMotion Gussied Up
~ Congrats to the Evans Family of Virginia ~    ~ Congrats to the Biser Family of Maryland ~
                                                                                                        (owner update picture on the right - thank you!)
               ArtInMotion Just Do It                                         ~ArtInMotion Nate The Great ~
~Congrats to the Miller Family of N Carolina~    ~Congrats to the Ferguson Family of Maryland~
       (owner update picture on the right - thank you!)

          ArtInMotion Jiminy Christmas                                    ArtInMotion All That
~Congrats to the Gonzales Family of VA ~        ~ Congrats to the McMins Family of N Carolina ~
                                                                                                    (owner update picture on the right - thank you!)

        ArtInMotion Jumping Jehosephat                                 ArtInMotion In Formal Attire
~ Congrats to the Niemiec Family of New York ~    ~ Congrats to the Lovings Family of Virginia ~

                ArtInMotion Kiss N Tell                               ArtInMotion Gimmie Three Stripes
~ Congrats to the LaFata Family of  New York ~     ~Congrats to the Burkholder Family of VA~



        ArtInMotion Keep It Real                                            ArtInMotion How U Like Me Now
~Congrats to the Sun Family of New York~      ~ Congrats to the Bloom Family of Pennsylvania~
        ArtInMotion Google It                                                    ArtInMotion Just Kidding
~Congrats to the Heavrin Family of Maryland~        ~Congrats to the Blosser Family of Virginia~

        ArtInMotion Goodness Gracious                                    ArtInMotion I'll Have Another
~Congrats to the Boyer Family of Virginia~        ~ Congrats to the Rodriguez Family of New York ~

     ArtInMotion As You Wish                                           ArtInMotion Formal Attire
~Congrats to the  Kelly Family of Virginia~         ~Congrats to the Featherston Family of N. VA~

            ArtInMotion  All About It                                                ArtInMotion All Red E
   ~Congrats to the  Fletcher Family of Virginia~    ~Congrats to the Moses-Sommers Family of NY~  (owner update picture on the right - thank you!)

            ArtInMotion Eye Candy                                   ArtInMotion Excuse My French
~Congrats to the Marin Family of N VA~              ~Congrats to the Scott Family of  Holland~

            ArtInMotion Have Mercy                                       ArtInMotion Dressed To The Nines
   ~Congrats to the Eberly Family of Pennsylvania~   ~Congrats to the Scott Family of Holland~

            ArtInMotion Cloud Nine                                              ArtInMotion Call Me  
~Congrats to the Burkholder Family of VA~        ~Congrats to the  Aronowitz Family of Virginia~

        ArtInMotion If You Dare                                               ArtInMotion It'll Take A Miracle
         ~ Staying at Art In Motion ~                          ~ Congrats to the Eberly Family of Pennsylvania ~

                            ArtInMotion Classy Casanova                               "Indy" has his own blog and has  
      ~Congrats to the  Jones-Segal Family of California~                             gone viral on FaceBook!
(owner update picture at one year old on the right - thank you!)

            ArtInMotion Naughty And Nice                                  ArtInMotion Brace Yourself
             ~Congrats to the Harris Family~
                                     ~Staying at Art In Motion~
                                                                                                        ("Ace" is mother to How You Like me Now, 
                                                                                                                         Have Mercy, & Moves Like Jagger.)

                                                                                                                             (updated picture on the right)

            ArtInMotion Elizabeth Swan                                      ArtInMotion Don't Go There 
         ~Staying at Art In Motion~                                      ~Congrats to the Hayes Family of Alabama~

        ArtInMotion Caught Red Handed                              ArtInMotion Drama Queen
~Congrats to the Mitchell Family of VA~         ~Congrats to the Boyer Family of  SouthernVirginia~
(owner update picture on the right - thank you!)                      (owner update picture on the right - thank you!)

                        ArtInMotion Bada Bing                                          ArtInMotion Dirty Harry 

    ~Congrats to the Agnello Family of New York~      ~Congrats to the Burkholder Family of VA~
            (owner update picture on the right - thank you!)

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