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This page is updated with pictures for those anxious new parents,
and for everyone's enjoyment.
 Please understand play time is, of course, indoors -artificial light distorts colors, creates blur, and often
signals the camera flash causing "red eye" or odd eye reflections.  
Unlike our usual "glamour shots"; bloopers are allowed and the norm here.  
Please enjoy the "no rules" and silliness of play time!


Available 11/16/17 Kittens

Spring 2017 Kittens
(already placed)


Spring 2016 Kittens

Halloween kitty impressions by:




Mischief & Spot in unison!



Jingle Ball soccer championships............


Indy's got moves! 

Ummm?  Where ya going Dicey?


Future olympian Mikey!

Mirror mirror on the wall......

Our poor neighbors, it's a bit dangerous to stop in for a visit.  

Indy... oh Indy... 





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