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Products we use:

Litter Lifter; the toughest, fastest, longest lasting, most effective scoop we've found! 


Tractor Supply's Paws & Claws Scoopable works great,
has good odor control, very economical, but mildly dusty. 
A very workable option for the Cattery. 

For the  closer quarters of the Quarantine and Nursery,
Tidy Cats offers excellent odor control and no dust, more pricey, but there's the ever useful yellow bucket for later.  ;) 

For years we've used Diamond for our cat food needs. 
Yup, we've tried several other good brands over the years, but it never lasts long, we always come back.  Diamond is a mid price range food, no fancy packaging or advertising just meat based ingredients without corn, wheat, or soy - the commonly found cheap fillers in pet foods.  Well above average protein and fat content.  We've never had a cat refuse it, nor have an adverse reaction.  Water cat be added to soften for kittens or older cats with dental challenges. 

(A quick word on raw diets.  We are neither for or against raw food diets, it simply doesn't work for our cattery at this time. Just remember why we cook meats, and take appropriate precautions when handling/feeding raw.)

& we love the convenience of Chewy!  Free shipping on orders $49 or more, yup even for those heavy cat food bags.  :)

Angel Eyes works miracles for tear staining!  It's a powder to add to their food.  While it doesn't stop a Persians frequent tearing, it does remove the red/rust color.  (Chewy also carries this.)


The scissor style nail clippers work more effectively for us,
easier to see what you're clipping = less errors.  Any scissor dulls over time/use; replace when they are no longer cutting with ease and/or leaving a clean edge.  Some cats, especially kittens grow nails quickly and can need clipping up to every two weeks.  Always clip before showing, travel, or Vet visits.  And always wash your scissors in bleach after each use. 

As a Cattery that travels, shows, and frequently offers kittens to the public, you'll find our choice of toys is likely quite different than what you'll use in your home.  Our toys must be disinfected on a weekly basis, whether it be via bleach in the washing machine or bleach and the sani-cycle in the dishwasher.  When we shop for toys, we're looking for  tough, washable items; no dangerous tassels, strings, feathers, yarns, etc.  Yup, any colored material /fabric quickly looks tie-dyed here!  :-P 
TIP - Putting the smaller "jingle balls" in a 4-6" hamster ball saves hours of searching under furniture for them, and makes it easier for toddling kittens to push around. 

We use the old style cheapie carpet over plywood scratchers.  They'll usually hold up a month or so to this crew's abuses. 
Be sure to clip back strings as they appear. 
No scratcher can be completely sanitized, but these will survive a trip or two thru the dishwasher's sani-cyle.  ;)


We offer this list of reputable Persian breeders
in efforts to help you in your search.

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